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Leave your fur family with someone you can trust!

Kael's Pet Care

Premium Pet Care in Southern Alberta



I'm a little bit hesitant to share all the wonderful things I've come to learn about Kaelee as I really don't want to have to share her with anyone!!! Jokes aside, Kaelee has proven to be an amazing pet sitter on multiple occasions. We hired her services for the first time when we had a geriatric dog who was having seizures and needed careful monitoring and daily medication. We were quite worried about leaving our dog as we knew "the time" was coming but Kaelee was so kind and gentle with her and sent us updates while we were away to put our minds at ease. We also have a cat who has needed medication on occasion too and medicating a cat is no easy feat! To make things even more interesting, we added two ferrets to our household and let me tell you, it takes a special person to be willing to take care of ferrets!!! Fingers crossed Kaelee never had to medicate them ha ha! Having Kaelee caring for my pets in the comfort of my own home takes away a lot of the stress my pets (and I!) felt when they had to go to a kennel. From now on I will always seek out Kaelee's services when I go out of town!

Ronalee Hansen DVM

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